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Teen Drivers: Teaching Safe Drivers

Is your teenager ready to drive?  Are you ready for your teenager to drive?  Here are a few tips for preparing your teen to drive from Safeco, one of the carriers we represent.

Obtaining the Permit or License

Arizona has a graduated licensing program for new drivers.  Teenagers can get their Instruction Permit at 15 1/2, which allows them to drive with a licensed experienced driver. The Instruction Permit requires a written test. Visit ADOT for full details on how to obtain the permit or license.

Gradual Learning

Learning to drive take patience and plenty of practice.  This list from Safeco suggests guidelines that can help your teen gain experience in a way that gradually builds confidence and abilities.

Parental Supervised — Learner’s Permit

Driving in remote, uncongested places with parent or guardian 5 hours
Driving in your neighborhood on residential streets with parent or guardian 10 hours
Driving throughout city (except interstates) with parent or guardian 40 hours

Driver’s License

Extend driving to interstates with parent or guardian 40 hours
Driving only during daylight hours without parent or guardian Months 1–3
Driving only during daylight hours with up to one friend in vehicle Months 4–6
Extend driving to evening hours with up to one friend in vehicle Months 7–12
Extend driving to evenings with no more than three friends in vehicle After 1st year

Prepare Your Teen for the Unexpected

Make sure your teen is prepared for situations they may encounter while driving.  Educate them on how to drive in dust storms or monsoons and what to do in case of an accident or breakdown.  Make sure they understand that they must never leave the scene of an accident or they risk being charged with a hit and run. If they hit an unattended parked car, they must leave a conspicuous note with full contact information and explanation of the accident.   Make sure they have our card in their wallet in case they can’t get a hold of you.

Your Insurance Will Change

Teenagers are more likely to have accidents than experienced drivers. It is vital that you have proper coverage and understand your deductibles.  Call us when your teen is getting ready to drive and we can give you a quote for adding your new driver to your policy.  Here are some tips for keeping your premiums down:

Driving Education

Sign your teen up for a driving school – they will learn from experts and you can expect a discount on your insurance premiums.  Call us for a list of our recommended driving schools in your area.

Good Grades Discount

Send us your student’s report card – we may be able to get a discount for good grades.

Drive Safely Yourself

Insurance premiums for adding your teen as an occasional driver to your policy are based on your driving record.  The better your record is, the lower your premiums will be.

Parent-Teen Driving Contract

Driving is a privilege on the way to independence and adulthood.  We highly recommend formally acknowledging the responsibilities of this milestone in a signed contract between teens and parents.  Contact us for a sample contract.  And remember to abide by the rules yourself!


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