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Family Fire Safety – Quick Tips that Save Lives

Keep your family safe.

Did you know that having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home can get you a discount on your home insurance?  It can also save your life.  Protecting your family from fire is not a matter of luck – it’s about prevention and planning ahead.  Here are some good reminders for keeping your home and family safe.

  1. Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires – never walk away from a pot on the stove. Don’t wear loose clothing while cooking and keep things like oven mitts and tea towels far away from burners.  Use a fire extinguisher to put out grease fires.
  2. Outdoor cooking has it’s own hazards. Place your grill far away from siding, deck railings or overhanging branches.  Set a kid and pet free zone around the grill and never leave it unattended.  Check your propane tank hoses and valves regularly for leaks.
  3. Make sure you have a smoke detector on every level of your home and check it regularly. Replace the batteries once a year. A working smoke detector doubles your chances of survival in a home fire.
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it.
  5. Prevent electrical fires – don’t overload circuits or extension cords. Do not place cords or wires under carpets or in high traffic areas. Be especially mindful of chargers and unplug them when not in use.
  6. Have an escape plan. Discuss with your family what to do in case of a fire and where to meet.  Teach children to test doors, to stay low and to stop, drop and roll if they catch fire. Here is some helpful information on forming an escape plan.
  7. Never leave candles unattended.
  8. Children are curious – teach them that fire is a tool not a toy.
  9. Alternate heaters can be helpful yet dangerous. Make sure portable heaters have at least 3 feet clear around them. Keep your fireplace and chimney clean and use a fire screen.
  10. Use appliances carefully and unplug when not in use.  Overheating, strange smells, shorts or sparks should be checked out and repaired professionally.

This is just a short list of things to pay attention to for fire safety.  Visit this helpful website for more useful information on keeping your family safe.  Call us at Alpha & Omega Financial for more information on protecting your family at home and potential discounts on your home insurance.


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