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Disability Insurance

A disability can put everything you’ve worked for at risk. Now is the time for you to protect the steady stream of paychecks that finance you and your family’s lifestyle.

Education Moment – What is Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance is an insurance product that’s designed to replace 45% – 65% of your gross income (tax free) should an illness/disability prevent you from working in your normal occupation.

Every disability insurance policy is different; let the team at Alpha & Omega sit down with you to assess your family’s needs, and explore all available sources of income should you become unable to work during a disability. As with all insurance policies, it’s advisable to shop on the quality of the plan and whether it meets your unique needs, rather than just shopping on price. There are several types of disability policies available; they each have their own unique characteristics and pricing, and we would be delighted to take you through them.

Already Have Employer Disability Insurance? Check Your Coverage

We always advise our clients to plan for the possibility of facing a debilitating accident or illness during their working years, especially if they are providing for a family. Even if you believe you have disability coverage through your employer, it pays to double check the quality and levels of coverage just to be sure.

Bring us your documentation and we would be happy to work through it with you. As with any policy, you want to check the quality of coverage BEFORE you need it, and not discover that you and your family are short of the protection you need or thought you had after an accident or illness.

Contact Us About Disability Insurance

Contact us to learn more about disability insurance. Call the Alpha & Omega team at 480.792.1000 (AZ) or 505.822.1008 (NM) or come and see us; we will help you develop the best plan to protect your income based on your unique circumstances.

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