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By purchasing an annuity, you are investing in your future. Whether retirement is a long way off or right around the corner, the time to start investing in that future is now.

During our working years, we rely heavily on a regular paycheck in order to pay our bills, finance vacations, further our education or that of our children, as well as purchase and maintain our homes and vehicles. Without that income stream, maintaining your lifestyle can become difficult. With an annuity, you CAN continue to receive a steady “paycheck,” a reliable source of income for a specific period of time or even the rest of your life.

In addition to providing a steady stream of income, annuities can also be used as a vehicle for your money that offers safety and guaranteed interest with tax-favored status. Annuities pass directly to named beneficiaries avoiding probate and can be distributed in either a lump sum payout or income stream over a period of years to your heirs.

This gives your heirs the choice…steady income or a lump sum whichever best suits their needs and lifestyle.

Education Moment – Benefits of Fixed Annuities

We specialize in fixed annuities because they provide a set or “fixed” interest rate at a reasonable cost, with flexibility in income payments. In short, fixed annuities offer you flexibility and security while keeping your costs low. Protecting your family is your priority, protecting your family’s financial assets is ours. An annuity can be an key part of your financial portfolio and accomplish both; they can be complex, so consider everything carefully before purchasing one. Some can actually come with long term care benefits, lifetime income stream benefits and nursing home care benefits. If you are considering an annuity, contact us to learn more.

We will educate you about the different types of annuities, as well as the various ways in which those annuities can be structured to secure the financial future of not only you, but the family you leave behind. Annuities insure your retirement through the end of your life and beyond with no cost and no fees… with guaranteed growth.

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Considering purchasing an annuity in Arizona or New Mexico? Call the Alpha & Omega team at 480.792.1000 (AZ) or 505.822.1008 (NM) or come and see us; we will work with you and your family to ensure that all questions are answered and every option is thoroughly explained. Together we will look at your whole financial picture and help you determine the best path.

“Alpha & Omega educate clients about exactly what type of policy might be needed for each individual situation. They have all of my business; I’d recommend them to anyone!”

Tony A.

Mesa, AZ

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