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Personal Umbrella Insurance Policies

Extra Liability Protection for Peace of Mind

Although April may not actually bring showers to the desert, it’s still a great time to talk about umbrella insurance policies.  We recommend adding an umbrella policy to your primary coverage for homeowners and auto insurance. What is an umbrella policy? I’m so glad you asked!  Umbrella policies provide additional liability coverage above and beyond your primary homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies and are typically sold in one million dollar increments.

Who should get umbrella insurance?

Life is uncertain – for everybody.  Unfortunately, we have no guarantees that protect us from uncertainty.  A pedestrian could suddenly step into traffic. A guest could be injured in your home. Your teen driver could be cut off by a motorcycle on the freeway. Umbrella insurance can protect your family and your assets from lawsuits that may arise from accidents and unforeseen events like these.  While we recommend umbrella policies to all of our clients, families with teen drivers, homeowners with pools and small business owners are especially wise to purchase this extra coverage.

Is it expensive?

Actually, most umbrella policies will cost less than a dollar a day, depending on your carrier and personal circumstances.  Sadly, multimillion dollar judgements are a common occurrence today.  This affordable coverage will generally cover:

  • Injury and property damage for an accident that exceeds auto liability limits.
  • Injury for an accident on your property that exceeds your homeowners liabilty limits.
  • Any libel or slander judgements made against you. You may also be covered in the case of false arrest or invasion of privacy.

Simple Peace of Mind

You’re working hard to build a future for you and your family. A multimillion dollar lawsuit could erase that future in a moment, taking your home, savings, investments, income and more in an instant. Adding a personal umbrella policy to your insurance coverage gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered should the unexpected happen. Call us with your questions at 480.792.1000.  As your independent insurance agents, we’ll make sure you have the right coverage – just another way our family is looking out for your family.


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