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It’s Spring Break in Chandler

Time for Spring Training Games and Road Trips

Spring has sprung in the Southwest and lots of families are enjoying Spring Break this month.  We think one of the best parts of spring in Phoenix is Spring Training.  We are diehard Arizona Diamondback fans and it’s pretty great that we can attend Cactus League games right in our own backyard.  There are stadiums all over the Valley hosting Major League Baseball teams including the Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers and the Texas Rangers.

Teams have been coming to Phoenix to prepare for the regular baseball season since 1947, when the Cleveland Indians and New York Giants came to train in our sunshine. Today 15 teams train in the greater Phoenix area. We have more professional baseball facilities in the Valley than found in any other area of the United States. We think that’s pretty cool.

But we know not everyone is as crazy about baseball as we are. Many people are getting ready to hit the road for Spring Break, heading up north to go skiing or driving out to the beach. As your independent insurance agents, we want to make sure you are going to be safe on the road. Here’s a check list:

  1. Get your oil changed and have your fluids and brakes checked before you leave.
  2. Check your tire air pressure, including your spare. Low tire pressure will affect your gas mileage and is dangerous.
  3. We know some of you are road warriors but build in rest days. Your kids will thank you and you’ll drive more safely when you’re rested.
  4. Make sure your auto insurance liability limits are high enough. Call us if you’re not sure.
  5. Go with someone you love or at least like a lot and have fun!

Finally, be sure to have the phone number for Alpha & Omega Financial Group (480.792.1000) with your insurance certificate in the car. You can always call us with questions in the event of a car emergency.

Happy trails, road trippers – we’ll be enjoying the sun and a hotdog at the ballpark if you need us.


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